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Yes, I love making pet owners happy!

Posted by Ken Powers on

Hi Ken,
           It’s 4:00 AM here and I just scared a couple of raccoons three times in the last 50 minutes with the talk feature. Ha ha ha ha ha, I’m still laughing. I can hear myself on my security cam while I do it and the feeder speaker is really loud. I got home at 10:20 PM and set up the feeder right away. I then walked to a neighboring Wifi connection that I have access to and it tested perfectly. One Logitech Alert motion detector camera is aimed right at the 2 back doors where the feeder is set up and it sounded and I saw him going for the food and let him have it. The second and third times he was somewhat hesitant so it may have been the same one but he really jumped and ran. This is hilarious. As for the cats, they ate earlier and I ran a couple feed cycles and it didn’t even phase them. They’re just liking the food delivery. I’ll put out a heated auto fill water bowl and build a full enclosure this weekend and I’ll be good to go. Thanks again and have a great day and weekend.
                                              Best Regards,

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