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Disabled Veteran receives a PetPal feeder for his service dog

Posted by Ken Powers on

Lady, one awesome Service Dog, and her PetPal.......


When PeTreaT was on Kickstarter I received an email from a Dog Trainer, please read below:  

Hello Ken,  I am a dog trainer in the North East USA, I train Service Dogs for Disabled Veterans and then teach then Veteran how to use their dogs. I am hoping that you can help me or direct me to someone that can. Right now I am working with a Retired US Army National Guard Veteran and he is receiving his Service Dog at our campus and will be headed home with his Service Dog. He lost both arms in Afghanistan, daily activities can be challenging for him and I am researching ways to make his new life with his Service Dog easier.  I am a KickStarter member and was sad to see that your funding was not successful since there are very few high quality reliable automatic feeders on the market. I wonder if you can direct me in finding something that will work for him, as he is trying to be as independent as possible and his new Service Dog will aid him in that desire. Is the PetPal feeder available to the public yet? Can you suggest something that might suffice until yours is? My hope is to locate as many products that will assist this Veteran in the care his new Service Dog. If you have ever seen a quantity controlled automatic feeders would you please share that information with me? If you are unable to, I wish you great success in the future with your product, the quality is unparalleled and I believe there is a huge gap in the market for such devices to be used by the disabled. Thanking you in advance.


About 6 months after I received the email, I provided a prototype PetPal Feeder for Eric, the Veteran mentioned in the email above.   3 weeks ago Eric received a production PetPal, and he loves it.  

All the best to Eric,


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