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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My video looks blurry, mostly gray with some spots.

Remove the lens cap.

Q: Is there a monthly Fee, like some of the other online feeders?

No, PetPal uses a P2P system, meaning your IOS or Android device is talking directly to your PetPal.  The only information that is stored in a database on the web is the current IP Address for PetPal.  Your IOS or Android device goes to the database each time to find the current IP address, and then connects directly with PetPal.  

Q: How much food does the Hopper hold?

52 cups, 10 Pounds, 12 liters 

Q: Is there a IOS, and Android Applications?

Yes, we have both Android and IOS applications available.

Q: What are the overall dimensions assembled?

25.75 inches tall, and the body has a diameter of 11 inches.  Assembled, the bowl will stick out about 6.5 inches from the round outer structure.

Q: How do I talk to my pet?

When you are looking at the video on the Camera Page, click on the microphone in the lower left corner, and talk into the phone.  Make sure that you give the application permission to use the mic on your device.

Q: Minimum serving.

1/4 cup.

Q: How many feeding times can you feed each day?

You have 5 automatic feeding times per day, but you can log into your feeder anytime during the day or night and feed as much or as little as you want in 1/4 cup increments.

Q: How do a listen to my pet?

When you are looking at the video on the Camera Page, click on the speaker in the lower right corner, and listen.  Make sure that you give the application permission to use the speaker on your device.

Q: My pet eats too fast, is there anyway to slow him down?

If your pet eats 3/4 cups at 7AM.  You can feed 1/4 cup at 7:00AM, 1/4 cup at 7:01AM, and 1/4 cup at 7:03 AM.  You have 5 feeding times, each with a separate amount setting.

Q: How do I take a photo or video of my pet?

When your pet is in the viewing angle of the feeder, press the camera button which is middle left.  If you would like to take a video, press the video camera middle right.   The photos and videos are stored on your device.

Q: I don't like automatic feeders, I want to feed my pet myself.

This feeder is just for you.  Then set the FeedMe button for the desired amount of food, and log into your PetPal and feed your pet yourself, from anywhere, anytime.

Q: Can you dispense any amount of food at anytime of the day?

Yes!  You have 5 automatic feeding times per day and you can feed 1 to about 3 cups in 1/4 cup increments for each feeding time.  If you want to feed 1 cup, try setting the amount to "4".  Then adjust for the desired amount.  If you would like to set for 1/4 cup, try setting the unit to "1".

Q: How do I set the feeding times?

You will set up the times and feeding amounts using your IOS or Android device.  On the camera page which shows the video, the top left button is SETUP.  Use this to set up the feeding times and amounts.

Q: Can I use this unit out doors?

Yes,  PetPal should be located in a covered area, and should not be in the rain.  Temperature should be between 38 deg F and 105 deg F.

Q: How do I keep the ants out of my food bowl, and hopper?

The hopper has three places that the ants can get into the food reservoir...  the bridges on each side, and the base of the motor coupler.  Use petroleum jelly and cover the small area where the ants have to cross to gain access to the food reservoir.  The ants will not cross the patroleum jelly.  Do the same with the bowl.

Q: I have very smart pet, and can get into any feeder.  What should I do?

There are two R clips shipped with each unit.  Use the R clips to lock the top onto the cylinder.  If you have smart kids, you may want to use two little pad locks to lock the top onto the feeder.  

Q: I have a big and/or smart pet that will knock the feeder over. What should I do?

There are two holes in the back of the feeder so that it can be bolted to a pole, or a wall.  You will need 2 wood screws with large washers and a 25 inch 1 by 2.   Use the 25 inch 1 by 2 as a stand off, and screw the outer cylinder to the wall or posts.  

Q: After I get the unit connected to the WiFi, I can not connect to the unit with my IOS or Android Device.

You may have the wrong application for your device.  The latest application for Android Lollipop is APK20151120.apk, and the Latest application for apple IOS 6 is P2P-  

Q: I don't see my WiFi signal when trying to connect.

While on the WIFI Settings page press refresh several times until your network shows up.  Choose your network,  enter your password,  and press on Done.  Un plug the network cable, and wait 60 seconds.  You should be connected.

Q: How do I know how much food is left in my feeder?

There is a time sensor inside the firmware, and a yellow LED will aluminate on the top when the feeder has about 4 - 6 cups of food.  If you want to use this sensor you will have to reset your device properly when you refill your feeder.   

Q: What if the power goes out?

If the power is out at during a scheduled feed time, your pet will miss this meal.  If your area has problems with power outages then you may want to use a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) which is a big battery.  A power outage will also reset the level, so you will not get a indication when the unit is low on food.

Q: What happens if the internet goes out?

The unit will continue to release food per the scheduled times, and amounts.  You will not be able to connect to the unit when the internet is not working.

Q: Will the PetPal work with a 5GHz WiFi signal?

The current version will work best with a 2.4GHz WiFi signal.  The unit may not connect to the 5GHz WiFi Signal.

Q: What is the compatibility with different Routers and Phones?

Currently PetPal works with all the Routers we have tried, but that being said there are some brands that the PetPal may not connect.  We have sold the PetPal into several countries in Europe, and have them up and running.  We are here to help if you are having problems, and we do want to know if we have compatibility issues.  We have applications for IOS on the Apple store, and for Android on Google Play.